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Shortcuts to Common Abbreviations and Acronyms
QEMM 386
A memory-management program from QuarterDeck Office Systems for IBM-compatible computers.
QEMM 386 moves terminate-and-stay resident programs and device drivers, including network drivers, into high memory, leaving more conventional memory available for running application programs.
QEMM 50/60 is a special version of the program designed for use on IBM PS/2 Model 50 and 60 computers.
quadrature amplitude modulation
A data-encoding technique used by modems operating at 2400 bits per second or faster. Quadrature amplitude modulation is a combination of phase and amplituded change that can encode multiple bits on a single carrier signal.
quarter-inch cartridge(QIC)
A set of tape standards defined by the Quarter-Inch Cartridge Drive Standards,a trade association established in 1987.
A temporary list of items waiting for a particular service, such as the print queue of documents waiting to be printed on a network print server.
QWERTY keyboard
The standard typewriter and computer keyboard layout, named for the first six keys at the top left of the alphabetic keyboard.

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