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Shortcuts to Common Abbreviations and Acronyms
G (giga-)
gated (gateway daemon)
A program that must run on a computer using tCP/IP's RIP protocol.
In networking, a shared connection between a local area network and a larger system, such as a mainframe computer or a large packet-switching network. Usually slower than a bridge or router, a gateway typically has its own processor and memory, and can perform protocol conversions. Protocol conversions allows a gateway to connect two dissimilar networks; data is converted and reformatted before it is forwarded to the new network.
gender changer
A special intermediary connector for use with two cables that both have male or both have female connectors.
General Protection Fault
The error code you get when a Windows program causes a failure or lock-up. It can be due to insufficient memory, a buggy program, incompatible drivers, or hardware problems.
general purpose interface bus (GPIB)
A 24-pin parallel interface bus that conforms to the IEEE 488 interface definition standard, often used to connect scientific instruments together or to a computer. Originally developed by Hewlett-Packard, a GPIB is also known as the Hewlett-Packard Interface Bus(HPIB).
generation backup
A backup strategy in which several sets of backup disks or tapes are retained, sometimes called grandfather-father-son.
generation gap
What happens when you skip one of your backups
A contraction of generator lock. The synchronization and superimposition of computer-generated text or graphics onto a video signal, so that the two images can be combined onto the same signal and displayed at the same time.
In the PC, a board containing the circuitry required for genlocing often plugs onto the display adapter. It converts the VGA signal into a standard NTSC video signal, which it then synchronizes with an external video signal.
A prefix meaning 1 billion,or 109
230, or 1,073,741,824 bytes. Why? It would be 1 billion bytes,but bytes are generally counted in powers of 2.Gigabyte, roughly a billion bytes of disk storage. (1,024MB)
Globally Unique Identifier
A 16-byte value generated from the unique identifier on a adapter, the current date and time, and a sequence number. This is used to allow any party to create identifiers that will be guaranteed not to overlap with other similarly created identifiers.
A client/server systems for publishing information on the Internet in a menu-oriented fashion. To access Gopherspace, you use your own Gopher client or use telnet to get to a publicly accessible system and use its Gopher. See also Veronica.
Gopher Mail
The process of navigating Gopherspace via e-mail rather than via a Gopher client.
The worldwide collection of Gopher servers and the information they publish on the Internet.
Graceful recovery
Termination of a process that allows the operating system or parent process to regain normal control. Does not crash the machine or result in a GPF or blue screen. User is not required to close the application, and can continue to use the other functionality. Also called graceful exit.
graphical user interface (GUI)
A graphic-based user interface that allows users to select files, programs, or commands by pointing to pictorial representations on the screen rather than by typing long, complex commands from a command prompt.
Application programs execute in windows, using a consistent set of pull-down menus, dialog boxes, and other graphical elements such as scroll bars and icons. This consistency among interface elements is a major benefit for the user,because as soon as you learn how to use the interface in one program, you can use it in all other programs running in the same environment.
graphics accelerator board
A specialized expansion board containing a graphics coprocessor as well as all the other circuitry found on a video adapter. By offloading most of the graphics processing tasks from the main processor onto the graphics accelerator board, you can improve the performance of your system considerably, particularly if you are a Microsoft Windows user.
graphics coprocessor
A fixed-function graphics chip, designed to speed up the processing and display of high-resolution images. Research:S386C9xx accelerator chips.
gray-scale monitor
A monitor and video adapter that uses a set of gray shades from black to white instead of using colors. Gray-scale monitors are expensive and are used in medical and photographic imaging systems.
In networking, an account that contains other accounts, called members. Permissions and rights granted to a group are also granted to its members.
group policy
Used to specify settings for groups of users and computers, including software policies, scripts, user documents and settings, application deployment, and security settings.
A category of application programs that are designed with networks in mind to enable and even promote collaborative work.
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