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Robert A. Phillips, Jr.,Ph.D

Welcome to Dr. Phillips' Homepage. This page is NOT maintained by Dr. Phillips himself so if you notice me refering to him in the third person you'll know why. Currently I have known "Dr. Bob" for about five years now and still know very little about the man but I will do my best to paint a picture of him to you. I guess I could start with how I met "Dr. Bob" as I like to call him.

I guess it all started when I was in the Navy. I had just finished my four year term and had moved in with my sister. She and her roommates had told me about a non-profit organization called The Chesapeake Institute that they had volentered for on several occations and had asked if I would like to help sometime. The Chesapeake Institute was an organization the helped abused children get the help that they needed but could not afford. Well several months down the road I said, "Sure, what can i do to help." They got me in contact with the president and close friend Linda Blick. She had a fund raiser comeing up and asked if I could help set up the decorations and maybe stick around for the clean up.

When I get there I get put through the plesentries of meeting everyone involved with the program that day and get my first assignment. Later during the day just before the fund raiser started, a man walks in the door. An older gentleman of I assumed in his mid to late 50's (I still don't know how old he is.) He didn't look to be a "dark" man or an "open for all to see" man either. He was somewhat tall at about 5'9" with "salt and pepper" hair and well maintained beard. A grey/blue suit and brown trenchcoat seemed to be at home on his frame. His aire of friendliness and authority mixed well with him. The calming of his voice seemed, not sleep inducing, but natural to him. You could "feel" why he could make friends with anyone he came into contact with. That man ofcource was Dr. Bob.

Jumping forward about five years to about two weeks ago (June '98) I have since moved to another state so when we have contact it is mostly through another person because we are both very busy people. So I receive word that Dr. Bob would like me to write a web page for him to promote his business in his new office in New York City. At first, I said I couldn't do it because I didn't think I could find a server that would support his web page for free. But then I reconsidered and tried to do some searches online and found Angelfire. It only took me about a week to get a web address and a viewable home page to start with (what you are seeing now). I have a copy of his Curriculum Vitae and am baseing this page on that at the moment. Once I get a chance to talk with Dr. Bob and find out exactly what he wants here, this page may change drastically so please bookmark this page and check back about once a week to see what is new. Thank you and enjoy. :)

Robert Randall

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