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Robert A. Phillips'

Chain Breakers AWARD

Well I guess your wondering what this award is for and how you can get it, huh? First of all, let me try to explain why we created this award.


There is a chain of events that sometimes occurs when a child is abused. First the child believes that it is his or her fault that the abuse happened (If I didn't wake daddy up so early he wouldn't have beat me so bad.) Next they are scared into not talking about it or remain quite because they think it was their own fault. Lastly they repeat the abuse. This is the chain of abuse that we as humans must break. What would you do if, 60 years from now, you found out your grand child was being abuse? At that age, what could you do?


Q. Does this happen with all abuse victims?
A. No. Some realize that their abuser(s) are (is a) sick individual(s) and that the abuse must, and will, end there.


Q. Why would someone want to repeat the same abuse? Don't they realize that it was abuse?
A. I can answer that with a question. Why do people drive the same route to work everyday? Because it is routine. It has happened so often that they believe it is normal. Or maybe they think that it is how you show someone that you love them. There are a number of reasons why it happens but what we want to do is show them how to stop it. There are a number of ways to do that too!


Q. What can I do about it?
A. Talking is a good first step. If you think you were abused talk to someone you trust about it. Tell them what you thought was abusive and ask if they think it was as well. If you think you know someone who is or was abused talk to them. Let them know you care about them as a person. Show them how someone really shows another that they love them. Maybe even suggest where they can get help or help them find it if you don't know. If you think they are still in the abusive situation then try to help them get out of it.


That is why we created this award. We want to award the web pages out there that show the survivors that they are not alone. That with help, they too can break the chain of abuse! If you think your web page should be considered or if you want to nominate someone else's web page, please follow the link below to submit your request. Thank you and much love to you all.

If you would like your web page considered for this award please feel free to write me at and put Web Award in the subject for faster response.

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