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When Rabbit Howls Bookcover

When Rabbit Howls

To escape the horror of violent abuse, the two-year-old child "went to sleep" and created the inner world of "the Troops, " the 92 voices that shielded her from pain, but that she didn't know existed until adulthood. This is a journey through the fragmented world of the multiple personality--told by the Troops.

This book comes recomended by Dr. Phillips himself

Courage to Heal Workbook: For Men & Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

This groundbreaking companion to The Courage to Heal, Laura Davis has created a workbook for all those suffering from the effects of childhood sexual abuse.

From The Publisher:
In this groundbreaking companion volume to The Courage to Heal, Laura Davis has created an inspiring, innovative, in-depth workbook for all women and men suffering from the effects of childhood sexual abuse.

I don't want to talk about it
Hard back
Soft cover

A national bestseller, this groundbreaking examination of male depression was hailed by Robert Bly as a book that "moves on to new ground in language and in story . . . exhilarating in its honesty and its grief". "A hopeful and important book because it shows a way out of depression for men that carries with its a potential for ending a legacy of violence".--"The New York Times Book Review". BOMC & QPBC Alternates. 384 pp. Print ads. National media publicity.Web site feature.

This book comes recomended by Dr. Phillips himself

Allies in Healing

Filled with information, support, and guidance, here is the eagerly awaited book that answers the most important questions asked by partners of survivors of child sexual abuse. Laura Davis, the coauthor of the bestselling The Courage to Heal and author of The Courage to Heal Workbook, offers practical advice, encouragement and much-needed support.

Safe House: A Burke Novel

From The Publisher:
The new novel from Andrew Vachss puts Burke - hard-core career criminal and man-for-hire - up against a new breed of predator: stalkers. Some obsessed, some deranged, all dangerous. Burke's old prison pal Hercules, hired by a shadowy network that runs a safehouse for stalking victims, botched the job, and one of the stalkers is dead. To save his partner, Burke has to penetrate the network, and he makes a deal with the boss, Crystal Beth, a woman as obsessed as the stalkers. But Crystal Beth has a stalker of her own, an extortionist who threatens to bring down her entire network unless she surrenders one of the women she's hiding. When Burke learns that the extortionist might be government-issue, and that the stalker he's protecting is a member of a neo-Nazi cell with plans to make Oklahoma City look like a pipe bomb, his survivalist instincts go on full alert. And when it comes down to making his own house and his family-of-choice safe, Burke turns lethal.

Ghosts from the Nursery

From The Publisher:
One in twenty children born today will spend some part of his or her adult life in jail. During the last thirty years, violent crimes committed by youth have risen by 371 percent. Cutting to the heart of this alarming trend, Ghosts from the Nursery gives startling new evidence that violent behavior is fundamentally linked to abuse and neglect in the first two years of life. In absorbing and accessible prose, Robin Karr-Morse and Meredith S. Wiley present case histories of "children who kill," along with the latest in brain development research. Ghosts from the Nursery compellingly demonstrates the poisonous effect that neglect, abuse, trauma, injury, and toxicity have in the first thirty-three months of life - and makes a convincing case for a revolution in our beliefs about the care of babies.

This book comes recomended by Dr. Phillips himself

Point of Origin

From the bestselling author of Unnatural Exposure and Cause of Death comes a white-hot new Kay Scarpetta novel that pits Virginia's Chief Medical Examiner against an audacious and wily killer who uses fire to mask his crimes. The case begins with a fire in which many horses die and the embers yield a human body.
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