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I love this comment by "samuelgray" ...
"If it wasn't for dysfunctional rednecks, I'd have had no family at all. "

I praise God that each generation in my own family has improved
on the ones before. Good work, kids!.

Here are the ones who went before me and those who have come after me.


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how many times removed)

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Family Burial Places

Rest in Peace (my son & my grandchildren)

Harris / Jewell Family
James "Doc" Monroe Harris - my maternal Great Grandfather
FIRST WIFE: Idella "Ida" Josephine Jewell Harris - my maternal Great Grandmother SECOND WIFE: Vera L Hall Harris
Myrtle Josephine Harris Scott Hicks Garner
My deaf grandmother who raised me and who I called "Mama"
Vera Lea Harris
James "Jimmy" Monroe Harris Jr
Tommy & Bobby Harris, the twins

Scott Family
Ernest Scott
- my maternal grandfather and my maternal grandmother's first husband
Dorothy Mae Scott - their child, my mother
Thelma Marie Scott - their child who died as a baby, my aunt

Carson Family
George Carson
- my biological father
James Junior "Jim" Carson, my uncle
Genieve Carson King, my aunt
Armita, my cousin

Hicks Family
Jim "Tubby" Hicks - my maternal grandmother's second husband
Idella Jane Hicks Kamber - their daughter, my aunt

Robinson Family
George Arvin Robinson - Page 2
my first husband
Kerrie Lynn Robinson White  Paul KELLY Robinson
Dana Denise Robinson  

Easley Family
Vincent Ray "Bud" Easley I
my second husband

Victor Dwayne Easley

My Baby, my 6th child and 3rd son

Numismatologist & Coin Designer
Proposed State Coin for Oklahoma

What Victor is thankful for

The Wild Child - LOL

Victor made Vernon a laughing stock

Vincent Ray Easley II

My 5th child and 2nd son

It took Vernon and 3 others to whup upon Vincent, and they had to take a log to do it

Jodine (Jodie) Gayle Huckaby

my daughter by Gerald "Jerry" George Nevitt
Loaned for a while to Bill & June Papineau

Your love is just about the only thing you really own ... that is until you give it away!

Choose you this day whom you will serve.
Joshua 24:15

If you confess me, Yahshua, before men, I will confess you before Yah, the Father.
Matthew 10:32

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