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I may not have room for old photographs, so I will use Angelfire's Album feature. But first, I have to get the family photos scanned and uploaded. That may take a while. Sorry.

Hi there. My name is Judy.
I am 66 years old in this picture.
It's a bitch to be old and broke.
But, hey - I'm not brok-
EN! Praise God!

These pages were written solely for my family. If you happened to have stumbled upon them, maybe you'll find a gem or two. The purpose is to leave behind stories that my descendants may appreciate someday. I hope to leave a written legacy that will help them know where they came from, because I believe each of us is "those who went before". They will probably notice how "opinionated" I am and understand why THEY are that way, too. (grin)

Since my grandmother and her father were born in the 1800's, my life has been touched personally by people in 3 centuries. That's rather awesome, if you stop to think about it. I used to marvel at the changes my grandmother had seen in her lifetime - from horse & buggy to landing on the moon. Yet, now I can marvel at the changes I have seen myself over the past 66 years. Sci-Fi stories came true, what with space exploration, lasers, micro-wave ovens, you name it. I can remember looking at the freeways in California, levels upon levels, and thinking "the future is here".

You will obviously notice that "religion" is sprinkled throughout these pages. That's because I love Jesus. Why do I love Jesus? Because, as you go thru these pages, you'll see that I am still an old incorrigible sinner - yet no matter what I have done ...

Jesus loves me, anyway!

Jesus said:

"Come unto me ye

who are heavy laden,

and I will give you rest."

I mean no disrespect using the picture to the left. What it represents to me is that even the animals would beckon us to come to Christ, if they could.

Plus, I always liked that albino gorilla. I am sorry he got old and died. I will miss him, like I have always missed that orangutan who lived at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo in a little bitty concrete cage behind bars inside a dark and dreary building when I was a teenager. At least Snowflake, the gorilla, had a better life than she did.