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Family Tree

Family Tree of Thomas Horace Stevenson. Born: 1893; Died: 1976
Family Tree of Rachel Katherine Fomby Stevenson. Born: 1894; Died: 1950

Thomas Horace Stevenson married Rachel Katherine Fomby on February 7th, 1920 and they had six children:

- Jesse Horace Stevenson: Born 12/29/20.

- Donna Marie Stevenson.
- David Michael Stevenson (Married to Erika).
Children: Dennis Michael Stevenson (Married to Kim), Heidi Christine Kelso (Married to Kevin) - John Thomas Stevenson (Married to Paula).
Child: Sky Heather McNeill (Married to Lance) - Dennis Stevenson.
Children: Jordan, Jesse
- Joel Matthew Stevenson: Born 1/6/23.
- Joel Stevenson, Jr.
Children: Jonathan, Morgan, Matthew

- Rose Marie Stevenson (Harris): Born 11/8/24. - Linda Kay Howard.

- "Rusty" Minnie Catherine Stevenson (Hicks) Brammer: 7/26/26.

- Linda Meadors (Married to Nick).
Children: Captain Damon Wade Meadors, Brett Meadors, Angie McClish - Richard Hicks (Married to Sandy).
Children: Shannon Hicks, Jamie Hicks - James Hicks (Married to Kerry).
Children: Jennifer Hicks, Stephanie Hicks - Patricia Willis.
Children: Adam Ray Bright, Ashley Breann Willis - Carol Webb (Married to Larry.
Children Paul Pixley, Mikel Pixley (deceased) - Dennis Dale Brammer (Married to Stephany).
Children: April Colmar, Mark Colmar (deceased)
- Thomas Stinson Stevenson: 4/4/28. - Danny Roy Stevenson
- Jerry Don Stevenson (Deceased; survived by his wife, Sherry)
Children: Will Travis, Cari - Ron Will Stevenson (Married to Catherine)
Children: Shelley Diane, Emily Luanne - Shana "Stevi" Britton Children: Kaila Britton, Connor Britton, Kade Clair

- Henry Forrest Stevenson: 2/1/33. - Larry Stevenson (Married to Charlotte)
Children: Sarah, Brad.
- David Stevenson (Married to Jennette)
- Anna Fleming (Married to Brian).
Children: Bri, Aiden.
- Cathy Chen (Married to Lin).
Children: Christopher Lin Chen, Lydia Catherine Chen

For a more complete family tree of the Stevenson Family, download the Stevenson Family Tree on Powerpoint (It is a long download, so be patient).