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Sweetwater Reunion: 2005

The Stevensons joined the Fomby and the Walker families in a "back to our roots" reunion in the little town of Sweetwater, Texas. For many of us, it was the first contact we had ever had with so much of our family.

We have a common bond of family and, as we got to know one another, we found that there are also a number of legacies that have been passed down to us that connect us together.

The Sons of Jesse

From left to right, the sons of Jesse are John, Dennis, and David, pictured with his own son, Dennis (far right). Michael.

Henry Forrest and Shirley

Most of us have grown up knowing of our Uncle Forrest, but in other circles he has gone by his first name, Henry. It was a delight getting to know he and his wife, Shirley, and they are a treasure trove of stories and tales of family history and lore.

Pat and Ashley

Mother and daughter look more like sisters as they demonstrate a special bond together.

Anna, Henry Forrest and Cathy

Henry Forrest and his two daughters, Anna and Cathy come together for a photo.

Deborah and Joel

Deborah and Joel were the "movers and the shakers" for this family reunion. Much thanks to the both of them for their work in making it all come together.

Tales on the Road

On Sunday morning, we took a drive out to the old Stevenson homestead while Henry Forrest told us of life on the open range. It has been said that you cannot drive to the old ranch without seeing at least two rattlesnakes. We saw our limit along the way.

Pat Willis

Pat Willis pauses for a photo out at the old Stevenson homestead.

Cathy and Lin

Cathy and her husband, Lin, and their two children.

Dan and Ron Stevenson

Brothers Dan and Ron Stevenson pause for a photo.

Sherry Stevenson

Shannon listens to a Stevenson Family Story.

Photo Hunting

Thomas, Deboroah and Donna Stevenson look over some family photos.

Sweetwater Cemetary

Dennis, Sherry, Joel, Dennis Michael, Thomas, and Travis Stevenson gather at the Sweetwater Cemetary where some of the Fombys and Stevensons are buried.

Ashley and Megan

Ashley and Megan hit it off during the reunion and found themselves not only family, but best of friends.

Hodges Fomby and Pat

Every family has at least one "colorful character." Hodges Fomby in ours and he reminds us that there might be some truth to those old family legends.

Thomas Stevenson and Family

Thomas gathers with his children and grandchildren.

Thomas and Family at the Sweetwater Graveyard