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Reunion 2005

Arkansas Reunion: 2008

The Stevensons and related clans were back again in 2008 for another family reunion. This time, we met in Arkansas and some of us even made it over to the tiny town of Rudy where Granfather Thomas Horace Stevenson spent his later years.

It was a time of sharing family stories and reconnecting with a common legacy that has been passed down from our fathers and mothers.

Shirley, Henry Forrest, and Linda

Henry Forrest served as a family patriarch and was a wealth of old stories.

Dennis Stevenson

Dennis is a professional musician and the rest of us are mere amateurs, but he occasionally allows us to play and sing along with him.

Pat and Ashley

Mother and daughter spend a few minutes together.

Sandy and Richard Hicks

Richard and Sandy continue to live in the Ozarks of West Arkansas.

Breaking Bread Together

A fun time was had over lunch at a local eatery.


Paula Stevenson (John's wife) gets close to her mother-in-law, Minerva (widow of Jesse).


Heidi Kelso, Sky McNeill, and Dennis Michael Stevenson get together for a photo.

Kids Lineup

A collection of cousins from Florida to California and points between.

The Stevenson Men

Dennis Michael, John, David, and Dennis Stevenson.

Dennis Michael and Family

Matthew Stevenson

Matthew shows off a high score!


Ryan Kelso and Andrew McNeill.

The Long Path Home

Sherry Stevenson (Donny's wife) was not able to make it for most of the reunion, but she joined a group of us on the following day as we trekked up to Devil's Den.

Rudy, Arkansas

Stopping by the tiny town of Rudy, we were told that its claim to fame is that it is one of the few towns in the country whose main street consists of a dead end at both ends of town. John and his granddaughter, Eliyah Faith, are pictured.