A Circle of All Nations

The WISDOM section contains reports on Elder William Commanda's activities, gatherings, speeches and presentations as well as papers on a range of items of relevance to the Circle of All Nations work.

We associate the Thunderbird, Grandfather's spiritual helper and symbol of fire and elightenment rising out of the ashes of the storms of life with this section.



The Circle of All Nations LOGO

The Circle of All Nations Vision Statement

The "Circle of All Nations" Brochure - (PDF FILE)

The "Circle of All Nations" Brochure - FRENCH

The "Circle of All Nations" Brochure - SPANISH

The Tears of the Ancestors (On the Occasion of the Queen's Jubilee Visit to Parilament Hill)

Western Quebec School Board Policy Race on Relations Relations and Intercultural Understanding (A Policy Developed in collaboration with the Western Quebec School Board, The Kitigan Zibi Education Council, and The Wolf Project under the spiritual guidance of Elder William Commanda)

The Courage to Care As Reflected in the Life of One Man, Traditional Algonquin Elder William Commanda

Indigenous Justice

Romola's speaking notes on the occasion of the presentation of the inaugural University of Ottawa Aboriginal Legal Services Justice Award to Elder Commanda by the Honourable James K. Bartleman, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, November 14, 2002

Restorative Practices : Indigenous Roots of Restorative Conflict Resolution Practices; Overview of Current Trends; Review of a Few Processes)

Sharing, Peace Building and Racial Harmony National and International Outreach William Commanda, Algonquin Elder Circle of All Nations

The International Decade for Indigenous Peoples A synopsis of William Commanda¹s efforts to support this pivotal millennium decade in prayer, spirit, energy and hard work - a decade of significant shift in global ideology as the voice of indigenous peoples rises again following the five hundred years of silence

Linkages with South Africa during the International Decade for Indigenous Peoples The following is an outline of the key activities undertaken by Elder William Commanda with people and organizations from South Africa

Circle of All Nations – Wolf Project Linkages The Wolf Project honours people and organizations that promote racial harmony. In 1998, Elder William Commanda was presented with the Corona Borealis Wolf by a delegation of Wolf Project volunteers at a gathering hosted by the Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg, in honour of his tireless work to promote inter cultural understanding and racial harmony. Elder William Command and Beatrice McTavish now serve as Special Advisors to the Wolf Project We call this THE WOLF CAN Section (W/C)!

View the Posters from Grandfather William Commanda's 9-11-2003 Ninetieth Birthday Celebration!

Some Thoughts for the Ottawa Heritage River Project

Season’s Greetings from Grandfather William Commanda December 21, 2004 Winter Solstice

Mid Year Report on Grandfather William Commanda's Work in 2006

Year End Report on Grandfather William Commanda's Work in 2005