Circle of All Nations – Wolf Project Linkages

Circle of All Nations – Wolf Project Linkages

The Wolf Project honours people and organizations that promote racial harmony. In 1998, Elder William Commanda was presented with the Corona Borealis Wolf by a delegation of Wolf Project volunteers at a gathering hosted by the Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg, in honour of his tireless work to promote inter cultural understanding and racial harmony. Elder William Command and Beatrice McTavish now serve as Special Advisors to the Wolf Project

We call this THE WOLF CAN Section (W/C)!

1998 – A Lighting Candles for a Vision of Peace 1 – racial harmony workshop focussing on indigenous prophecies, with William Commanda, Keeper of the Seven Fires Prophecy Belt, Hopi Elder Martin Gashwaseoma, and Arvol Looking Horse, Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Woman’s Pipe

Welcoming President Nelson Mandela at the Human Rights Tribute during his 1998 official visit to Canada

Development of an Anti Racism Policy for the Western Quebec School Board, in collaboration with the WSQB and the Kitigan Zibi Education Council, the first of its kind

Presentation of Wolf Awards and Indigenous Prayers to the Health Canada Isokew Lodge, Ajax and Pickering Multicultural Committees, and to Ryan Hreljac, in their respective communities, and to Donald Marshall Junior in Ottawa at the CAN International Millennium Peace Conference

W/C collaboration in the development of a communications project with students from South Africa and the WQSB

W/C collaboration in presentations at workshops in South Africa, during the World Conference Against Racism; the Wolf Project was formally recognized as an Anti Racism NGO by the United Nations at this time

March 21 Racial Harmony and Spring Solstice Pipe Ceremonies at Victoria Island

Organization of the CAN International Millennium Peace Gathering at Nepean Point, Ottawa

March 21, 2002 Lighting Candles for a Vision of Peace 11 Racial Harmony and Forgiveness Workshop at Darcy McGee High School

WQSB/Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg Students Cross Cultural Activity Day at Grandfather’s Lodge

Participation in Ray Sunstrum’s Annual International Human Rights’ Day Students’ Pot Luck Suppers