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      The Cape Breton R/C Modelers Club was formed in 1978 and consisted of six members, and we now have about thirty-five members. Our first field was alongside the North Sydney Highway in the area of the former "measured kilometer". We spent several years at this location but as the membership grew and and aircraft size and complexity grew we realized that we were too close to the highway.(approximately 200 feet)
       We were fortunate to find our present location about thirteen years ago. We are now located about five kilometers down the Meadows Road at Sydney Forks. We are approximently 1/2 of a kilometer off the road in a location known as Chapell's pit. We have taken this "moonscape" and transformed it into the best R/C flying site in Atlantic Canada. Our field now consists of a 450 foot paved runway and a 150 foot grassed run of area. We have a completely grassed "pit area", a paved taxi strip, picnic tables, a fenced in safety zone and we hope to soon have a shelter built. It's now 2000 and to sum it all up, we hope to be modelling, flying and having plain old fun for years to come!

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