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You Know You're A Facebook Addict When...

  1. You have made your home page.
  2. You affectionately refer to Facebook as FB.
  3. You tell people to Facebook you if they want to meet up with you.
  4. You update your Status several times a day.
  5. You use Facebook Mobile.
  6. You meet someone in real life, you search for them on Facebook.
  7. You are frustrated when you search for someone and they are not on facebook
  8. You refer to Facebook in social situations ( eg) "I have you on my friend list")
  9. You get upset when facebook is temporarily unavailable.
  10. You poke people over and over for no reason.
  11. You enjoy being poked
  12. You stop talking to people who haven't joined Facebook yet.
  13. You add people you don't know just to have more Facebook friends.
  14. You talk to someone on the phone and write on their wall at the same time.
  15. You talk with people on wall-to wall rather than in person.
  16. Someone writes on your wall and you respond in seconds.
  17. You think that sending a free gift is a great present.
  18. You take photos just so you can put them on Facebook.
  19. You are tagged in over 500 pictures.
  20. You break up with someone by changing your relationship status.
  21. You create several groups.
  22. You tell everyone to invite their friends to your groups.
  23. You consider Facebook as part of your hobbies and interests.
  24. Your dog or cat has their own Facebook
  25. You randomly search through your friend's lists to find more people to add.
  26. You look through all the photo albums that come up on the News feed.
  27. You look at people's profiles in your network that you don't know.
  28. You cry when someone rejects your friend request.
  29. You spend hours viewing photos of people you went to high school with but haven't talked to since.
  30. You add as many applications as possible and actually use them.
  31. You Facebook during work, class and/or church.
  32. It's the first thing you do in the morning, and the last thing you do at night.

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