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Jose Fidel Mestas

Jose Fidel Mestas was born 1 April 1878 and died on 18 April 1973. He married Teofila Trujillo who was from Ocate (daughter of Francisco Trujillo).

The children of Fidel and Teofila are:

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Thanks goes to cousin Edeen for providing the following.

On the left are Frank and Sara Lopez, front center are Albert and Florence (wedding pic taken 22 Nov 1938), on right are James and Delia Abeyta, in back is Herman (shading his eyes), and in the center are Fidel and Teofila (proud parents).

Here is a picture of the children taken in the 1990's showing in front Sophie, Lucy, Elosia, Delia, and Cora; and in back are Alfonso, Leo, Sam, Albert, Jose (pasted in I believe), and Herman.

Here is a picture taken April 2000

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Genealogy Notes

Teofila or Tiofila Trujillo's grave is on the South side of the church in Lucero (El Coyote) and Leo was just buried there as well (just to the right of his mother). Leo died on July 1 and was buried on July 3, 1998. The services were well attended and many nice things were said of Leo's kindness and thoughtfulness. Alfonso, Albert, and Sophie attended the services as well as nephews and nieces from Utah and New Mexico.

See you at an upcoming reunion.

Pedigree Chart


Pedigree Chart on Fidel MESTAS and Teofila TRUJILLO
Luciano Mestas ??
Feliciana ARELLANO
Francisco Trujillo

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