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Leo and Helen Mestas

Leo Mestas was born 10 May 1909 and died on 1 July 1998. He married Helen Fresques d. Apr, 2000 who is buried in Rock Spring, Wyoming. The picture on the left shows Leo during a return trip to Wyoming. The picture on the right is in loving memory of Helen Fresques.

Note: Leo's grave is on the South side of the church in Lucero (El Coyote) (just to the right of his mother). Leo was buried on 3 July 1998. The services were well attended and many nice things were said of Leo's kindness and thoughtfulness. Alfonso, Albert, and Sophie attended the services as well as nephews, nieces, and cousins from Utah, Colorado and New Mexico.

Helen, who had been separated from Leo since the 1950s also had a very nice funeral.

Leo and Helen's Children

The children of Leo and Helen are provided below.

The first of the children is Leo Mack Mestas b. 29 Dec 1935. Leo Mack married Carole Carlson, daughter of Thomas William Carlson and Maxine Winona Smead (aka Gladys Teressa Armante). Leo Mack Mestas is shown here soon after he joined the Navy.

The second child born to Leo and Helen was Robert Floyd Mestas b. 28 Dec 1941, d. Jan 1942, buried in Rock Springs, Wyoming.

The third child is a daughter Joyce b. 1942.

Letters about Leo from descendents

Shirley Ann Cukale []
Sent: July 28, 2003 8:53 AM

My father is Leo Mestas from Mora, New Mexico. Sisters are Delia, Lucy, Elosia, and Sophie; and brothers are Sam, Herman, Joe, and a few more. I live in Rock Springs, Wy.; and my mom lived with Leo for ten years and had me. I also have three step sisters and two step brothers. I have cousins that live about fifteen miles from me, and two aunts: Cora and Sophie. My sister lives in Utah, and knows were Lucy lives. I don't really see much of my dad's family, but that could change. I do see Leo Mac some times. He looked me up about five years ago - when he comes to RS he comes to see me sometimes. There's a lot of history in Leo's family. Well, I better go for now hope to hear from you soon.

Gerry's note: Alfonso and Albert are those other brothers, and Shirley (formerly known as Shirley Mestas) said that she would be glad to hear from any of her cousins.

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Map of the El Coyote Area in approx. 1860