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Albert Maestas and Florence Lopez

This page is dedicated to documenting the life and descendants of Albert Maestas and Florence Lopez.

Albert was born 22 Dec 1912 in Lucero (El Coyote), Mora County, New Mexico. He was baptized a year later on 22 Dec 1913.

He married Florence Lopez from Rainsville (El Llano), Mora County, New Mexico.

They have lots and lots of children. An email from Matt Maestas explains:

If anyone else has information or photographs to add, please send them. I will be glad to post them up on this site.

The following wedding photograph of Albert and Florence also shows (left to right) Frank, Sara, Herman, Fidel, Teofila, James, and Delia. I believe this photo was taken in 1938.

Albert was born in a small adobe home on the northern edge of Lucero (El Coyote). When I talked to Albert, he stated that the home may be owned by the Duran family now.

I do not have much information about Albert or any of Fidel's children and grandchildren, so I must rely on information that I gather or that you send. Note: I try to respect privacy, so I won't outwardly seek information and won't publish protected information (info on younger ones).

If anyone is willing to help will ancestrial information, please send genealogy information and/or scanned (or digital) photos. I'll be glad to post anything you want about Albert and his descendents, and any information is greatly appreciated.

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Or, snail mail me with photos and stories, and I'll be glad to scan them in (create a gif or jpeg image) and html them so I can put them up on this web page.
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