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***Updated 4-7-11***
**WANT to buy or trade for nice VMM & OVM Civil War boxplates & Civil War buckles.**
**WANT to buy or trade for Phoenix, Arizona medicine and soda bottles, Phoenix, A.T., medicine and soda bottles and any Arizona embossed hutches.**
-I Buy, Trade, Collect, Recover, & Sell Revolutionary War Buttons, Civil War Buckles, Civil War Buttons, Civil War Relics, Civil War Artifacts, & Civil War Antiques.

I fully guarantee all items I sell. Buy with confidence. I am out there identifying & avoiding all the repros, fakes and recently altered antiques for you. My years of experience and your peace of mind are included in the price you pay for an item. All purchased items include a 7 DAY INSPECTION PERIOD. Return item, in as sent condition, for a full refund minus the amount you paid for shipping. No questions will be asked. Thanks again for browsing. Jim D.

Priority mail shipping is $4.95 for small items. Insurance is optional, but uninsured purchases are sent at your risk. Coverage is at the post office rate, $1.70-$50, $2.15-$100 coverage, etc.
I offer a layaway plan for items you can not afford to pay for all at once. You pay 20% down, with the remainder of the balance paid in the agreed upon time.

Blurb about me: I have been an antique collector and dealer for more then 26 years.
I was an archaeologist for 14 years, though not closed minded like the vast majority.
I was the Historic & Prehistoric artifact analyst for an archaeology firm in the 90's for 6 years. I had the opportunity to handle, identify & catalog 10's of thousands of historic artifacts (glass, ceramics, brass, iron, organic, & all other period artifacts) each year.
My library contains the 100's of reference books needed to identify all manner of period artifacts.
I am an antique bottle, marble, & pipe collector, privy & dump digger, and Civil War hut excavator.
I collect Civil War buckles, Civil War buttons, Civil War swords, Civil War spurs, and many other misc. dug and non dug Civil War relics.
I studied glass blowing and was a glass blower when I was younger. I have first hand experience when it comes to understanding bottles/glass pieces & their age.
I have been an antique appraiser.
I have been digging for antique glass and preserving military relics for the last 15 years.
I was a seasonal teacher (Spring & Fall) for an archeaology project involving inner city kids in the 4th & 5th grades.
I'm happily married with kids I love more than anything.
We miss our great bear dog, she will always be remembered.
Occasionally mistakes are made. If this happens it will be fixed, not ignored.
Don't be afraid to make me an offer. You never know. Large Inventory of Civil War Relics including Civil War Buttons, Civil War Buckles, Bullets, Spurs, Shells, Civil War Plates, Revolutionary War Buttons, etc.


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