Civil War & Earlier Tokens, Jewelery, Medallions, & Love Tokens,

Keemakoos Civil War Relics & Antiques

7a. 1863 State Seal of Pennsylvania Military Hall Token
7b. Civil War Period Rolled Gold Memorial or Sweetheart Piece
7d. Early Citrone Colored 19th Century Watch Fob Stone
7f. Mourning Broach Rolled Gold w/Hair & Pin
7g. M.P. Morse Literary Depot Pittsburg Pa. Copper Store Card
7i. Gilt Rolled Gold 1830's Banded & Polished Agate Pin
7j. Fancy Robinsons Golden Age Gilt Earrings
7k. Dug Fancy Gilt Brass Watch Chain Fob With Carved Minivera
7l. US Large Cent With A Personal Stamped 1862 Date & Other Interesting Things
7q. W. Richardson & Co. Manufacturers Umbrellas & Parasols
7r. Dug 1837 Large Store Token E. F. Sise Portsmouth New Hampshire

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