Pre 1865 Political, Patriotic, and Diplomatic Buttons

Keemakoos Civil War Relics & Antiques

*New* 1a. Unlisted 1848 Zachary Taylor Presidential Campaign The Hero of Monterey Button
*New* 1b. 1848 Zachary Taylor Rough & Ready Presidential Coat Button Hero of Monterey
6c. Very Cool Giant Silver Eagle & Hand Coat Button RMDC Backmark
*Sold* 6d. Non Dug 1-Piece JACKSONS . VICTORY above a Wreath Presidential Brass Coat Button
*Sold* 6e. Union Is Strength Jacksonian Vest Button
*Sold*6f. Squirrel Jacksonian Vest Button
*Sold*6g. Second Squirrel Jacksonian Vest Button
*Sold*6h. Jacksonian Agriculture Vest Button
*Sold*6i. Jacksonian Horse With Saddle Vest Button
*Sold*6j. Jacksonian Wheat & Sickle Vest Button
*Sold*6k. Jacksonian Agriculture Vest Button
*Sold* 6l. Jacksonian Droop Wing Eagle Vest Button

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