Civil War & Earlier Bottles, Pipes, Toothbrushes, Syringes & Related Relics

Civil War Relics including Civil War Buttons, Buckles, Blue Decorated Stoneware, Bottles, Clay Pipes, Pontil Medicines, Pontil Squat Sodas, etc.

*Sold* 8b. Dug Pontilled Civil War Rolled Lip Aqua Umbrella Inkwell
8e. White Slip Trail Decorated Early American Redware Pie Plate
*Sold* 8f. Dug Open Pontil Olive Amber Snuff Jar, Dug Civil War Case Gin, Super Fancy Pontil Leather Covered Flask/Cup
*Sold* . Dug Open Pontil Embossed Aqua Colored Medicine Bottle
8k. Rare Non Dug Cobalt Blue Civil War U.S.A. Hospital Dept. Bottle
* Sold * 8m. Iron Pontil Fancy 3-Sided Morning Star Bitters Bottle
*Sold* 8n. Dug Early 1840s Broken Pontil Fancy Flint Glass Cruet
*Sold* 8o. Open Pontil Aqua Colored Fahnestocks Vermifuge Civil War Cylindrical Medicine Bottle
*Sold* 8p. Dark Aqua Non Dug Open Pontil Liquid Opodeldoc Cylindrical Medicine Bottle
**Sold* 8q. Dug Civil War Emerald Green Umbrella Inkwell & Zouave Ball Button

8ad. Early 19th Century Dug Sand Pontilled Black Glass Liquor Bottle
*Sold* 8al. Large H. SNELL Maker Marked Stoneware Beer With an Early Do-nut Top
8am. Fancy c.1845 Flow Mulberry Dinner Plate
*Sold* 8aq. Dug Open Pontil Civil War Ribbed Peppersauce Bottle
* Sold * 8ar. Iron Pontil Fancy 3-Sided The Great Tonic Caldwell's Herb Bitters
* Sold * 8as. Neat Dug Black Glass Master Inkwell. c.1850s

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