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Welcome to the members page! Here you can find a list of all the members and where they stand as far as their rank!

Current Contributions Leader!

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Coming Soon: Ok as soon as I get the rest of the site into the new format I will make up the members system. My current plan is to recount everyones contributions excluding messageboard posts. With the exclusion of messageboard posts as contributions it will be harder to gain contributions so I will make the ranks a little easier to come by :). If things start to get too easy, greater restrictions will be added to the ranks.

Quote: Considering the lack of quote votes submitted (ok none)... I will choose the 5 I think are the best and post a poll! :) Happy Voting :P

Note: all members should please include the DU link in their AIM infos. This should be done in an attempt to obtain more members and visitors. Thank you.

Dork Leaders
  • Pinz- dedicated dork planning on having a kickass time!
  • Gill- the COOL dork as she likes to be known!
Elite Dorks -- 700+ Posts
  • None currently!
Superior Dorks -- 400-699 Posts
  • None currently!
Devoted Dorks -- 250-399 Posts
  • None currently!

Mediocre Dorks -- 100-249 Posts
  • None currently!

Rookie Dorks -- 0-99 Posts
  • Ronson- the sexy, funny dork-in-denial
  • AJ- the extremely insane dork wit above average talent!
  • T. Mills- the smart ass, dick head dork. the one that pisses all the non-DU members off.
  • J. Mills- the amazingly stupid dork that has no sense of thought.
  • EM- the cutest 3 year old dork you've ever seen
  • PJ- the super sexy amazingly awesome cosmo dork! (aka Jesus)
  • Hannah- the lord of the rings dork
  • Spoon- the dork that know just about all on the simpsons
  • Harold- the stupid ass pain seeking dork. who is a f'in botard
  • Sheila- the short evil dork that likes to have fun. and that loves timmy
  • Matt- the HOCKEY dork thats addicted to videogames
  • P. Lindsell- I'm a moronic drummer dork that has no life and a cool dance.
  • Kelsey- AJ says i am the extremely sexy dork wit a great ass he meant voice


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