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We Came, We Saw, We Dorkified!!!

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Welcome to the home of all dorks! Lol... I created the site cuz my co-leader and I were sittin here thinking bout how many times we were referred to as or referred to ourselves as dorks. Gill then said that we were the Dorks United... it kinda stuck and inspired me to make this site... now we're lookin to recruit kids for the site!!! Every member should put the site url in their AIM info proudly! Represent the Dorks United!


In order to join the Dorks United just click the link below that says Join Here. In your post please submit the following:
  1. Name
  2. Dork Description
  3. Any other info you'd like us to know.

Your name will be added to the members list shortly thereafter and your profile will be made. Any pictures or quotes that you want in your profile can be submitted on the messageboard. Thx.

Join Here

Our Goals

~Have a kickass senior year! (Class of 04!)
~Finally get a DU Quote!
~Have a DU get-together!

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