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Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is a story about Goku, a man who has a past surrounded in mystery. He is an alien called a Saiya-Jin, or a Saiyan. He finds out about his past in the first episode of the series, beacuse his brother, Raditz comes to the earth. Saiya-jins are ruthless, and Goku was supposed to kill everyone on the earth, but he bumped his head as a child. Raditz ends up stealing Goku's baby son, Gohan, who is a human-Sayia-jin hybred. After a fight with Raditz, Goku lets Piccalo, a Namak (a green dude, LOL), kill him to kill Raditz. This is where the viewer (if they didn't watch Dragon Balls) and Raditz find out about the Dragon Balls. The Dragon Balls are seven orbs that when brought together summon the Shenron (Shenlong, or Eternal Dragon). Well Piccalo tells that to Raditz, and the Raditz tells him that two more Sayia-Jins were going to arive in a year.

Well, a year passed, and while everyone, encluding little Gohan, who was no more that 6 years old, trained on earth, Goku went to "King Kai" to train in the after-life. However the Sayia-jins arive and Goku hasn't returned from the after-life. His co-stars, Yamcha, Chow-su(I can't spell his name), "Tien", and Piccalo all die, before he could make it back to earth.

The story progresses, and one of the Sayia-jins becomes good, more villians, such as Frieza and Cell show up and new people come too. At one point their are evil androids, but they turn good and Juuhachigou (Android 18)falls in love with Krillian, Goku's best friend from childhood.

This series is very intresting, but very long, too. It is over 200 episodes, and only up to the Cell saga has been translated officialy. The fusions, Chibi-Trunks, Goten, and Buu have all not been seen in the American version as of yet.

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