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Goku is the main character of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Grand Trip (GT). His father is Bardok and his mother is an unknown Sayia-Jin. He is a complete Sayia-Jin. He was the first one to go SSJ, SSJ3 and SSJ4 in GT and he was the only one to do it naturally. His wife is Chi-chi and his sons are Gohan and Goten. His major rival is Vageta, the only other Sayia-Jin to stay in the story from when he came in. He fuses with Vageta twice, once with the earrings when he became Vagetto (Vageta +Kakorotto) and the other time with the fusion dance, when he became Gogeta (Goku +Vageta). Fusions with the earrings are supposed to be permanent, but when Buu ate him, they separated. Fusion dance fusions only last a half an hour. He dies at the end of the Cell Saga, when Cell self-destructs, but he comes back for one day in the Buu Saga. In GT he is wished back as a child with the dark Dragon Balls. Goku has a heart as big as an ocean and an appetite just as big.


Gohan is Goku’s first son who was destined to become a great scholar. He is in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. His mother is the insane Chi-chi who always made him study. He is a human-Sayia-Jin hybrid. He was the first to go SSJ2, and only achieved that much of a ki. His ki peeked in the Cell saga, then decreased as the years went by that he didn’t train after his father died. He was the last person to go SSJ, until the children, Chibi Trunks and Goten did. He begins to train again during the Buu saga and he becomes the Great Sayia-Man. He fought crime under that guise. Videl found out and blackmailed him- if he taught her how to fly; she wouldn’t tell anyone he was the Great Sayia-Man. After that she became a partner for him and they fought together as the Great Sayia-Men. She later became his wife, and they had a girl named Pan who is ¼ Sayia-Jin ¾ Human.


Prince of all Sayia-Jins

In the Sayia-Jin Saga, Vageta was a horrible villain that Goku let live. In the Freaiza Saga, Vageta was still evil, but he wasn’t as much of a threat. In the Cell Saga (Android Saga) Vageta was fighting on the side of good and in the Buu saga Vageta was good for the most part. After he and the rest of the Nameks were wished to planet earth, Vageta began to be a better person. When he is possessed by Majin-Buu he is forced to fight with Goku but even though he was forced, he went with it. He learned afterward that Goku always won his fights because he always fought for the side of good. His father is King Vageta and his mother, another unknown Sayia-Jin. He has two children, Trunks and Bra and sometime after Trunks is born he marries Bulma, the child’s mother. He is very arrogant and snobby, because he was a prince and he lost many battles because of that, including the one with Cell, where Gohan saved his life. Later on when he realizes that he should fight for what is right, he sacrifices himself with his move, “Final Flash”.
(A funny note to add ~ In the Japanese version, he says all of his attacks in English for some reason, so when he is fighting, he’ll suddenly say something in broken English!)

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