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This page is about my favorite anime shows. I love all anime and my favorite of all time is Dragon Ball Z.

Hate my Page? Send me an E-mail. I will be glad to make a flame page. Click here to mail me something Forcing me to open my page again was a bad move. Please think twice before Flaming me again.

On my page you will find information on the three anime shows I have listed and you can find image galleries as well.

I review movies I watch also: check out my page in DBZ, if you want to see what I thought about The History of Trunks

I even have RPGs on this page! I have the FFs except for 1, 2j, 3j and 5. I also have SOM, CT, and CC.

I keep an online journal, as well so feel free to check it out! You can also see the updates and learn about me on this page, too!

Don't forget to sign the guest book before you check out the awesome links I have!

Special thanks to Chibi Goten (Rob) for all the help when the Server was down!!

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Dragon Ball Z Gundam Wing Outlaw Star Anime Quotes

Role Playing Games

Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy IX Chrono Trigger Chrono Cross The Secret of Mana The Hall of Fame The Wall of Shame


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OK, people, I am not EVER gonna update this page again - It is now DEAD forever. I checked my old e-mail to see floods of comments asking where Kenshin, Inuyasha and Yu-gi-oh, as well as other animes were. I made this page before ANY of those animes were in America! Wanna do something to pass the time? Watch Shaman King, that's my new fav! See ya 'round - Jinu