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Updated January, 5, 2007
although I am doing a minumum amount of upkeep to this page these days...

Welcome to my unofficial, endorsed Llan de Cubel website. Here you will find some information about the band, links, music samples, a discography, and information on the origins of the music. At the request of the band I have not included complete lyrics or translations due to problems with piracy.
Enjoy and read on...

First, I'd like to share with you the story
about how my love affair with
Llan de Cubel began.

Several years ago I ended up spending a couple months in a little part of Spain no one has ever heard of. When most people think of Spain, they think of places like Sevilla, Madrid, Cordoba and Barcelona. Images of a hot, dry landscape, flamenco music, paella, bullfights and soccer come to mind. A land full of the mysterious influence of the Moors, Jews and other Arabs was what I envisioned. What I found instead, was a mountainous, lush green paradise, "Pariaso Natural," Asturias.

Asturias, is a small autonomous principality in Spain flanked by the mountains in the south and the sea to the north. The location protected Asturias from the influences of the invaders that have flowed through Spain throughout the centuries. The result is a folk-culture, music and cuisine that is distinct from that of the rest of Spain. Visitors to the region (rare as they are) are often surprised by how Asturias, both in climate and culture reminds them of what they would expect to find in Ireland or Scotland. Because of the sheltered location of Asturias, the Celtic influence planted there thousands of years ago remains there today, (as it does on much of the northern coast of Spain; not only Asturias, but in Galicia, Euskadi (Pais Vasco), Catalunya and other regions the bagpipe is still the principal instrument in folk music.)

So this place, Asturias, swept me off my feet. It is a charming place. The people are gracious, the land is beautiful, the food is phenominal. And, if that's not enough for you, there's plenty to do there too. While I was there, I frequented a lovely, quiet pub in Mieres called Labellugu. It was there I was first exposed to Llan de Cubel. Subsequently, I heard them play in concert in Oviedo during their summer festival and I was blown away. Of course, being a product of its environment, their sound is very Celtic. Acoustic instruments-- bagpipes, fiddles, and flutes comprise the characteristic sound of Llan de Cubel. The group attempts to capture the spirit of the Asturian folk culture of the past. First hand ethnomusilogical research was conducted by the members of Llan de Cubel to ensure the authenticity of their music. The group began by canvasing the country-side for melodies and the folklore that accompanied the songs. From there the group has developed their own signature style, which they have continued to perfect since the group's inception 16 years ago, in 1984.

The group occasionally tours the United States, and their albums are also for sale at the shows. In October of 1999 I got to see them play again. The show was hosted by the Greenwillow Folk Club at an Irish pub in Delaware. Fonsu, a member of Llan de Cubel em-ceed the show. He offered insight and interjected delightful humor into history of the band and the origins and histories of each tune. In addition to playing familiar tunes, the group also included some very interesting and exciting improvisational tunes. It was a delightful evening for everyone at the pub that night. Despite a grueling tour schedule the group produced a phenominal performance and showing of musicianship. The quality of Llan de Cubel music is unsurpassed by any other folk artists I have ever encountered. I encourage you all, if you have the opportunity to see them live to do so- the smaller the venue the better. Regardless, go out and see them, it's worth your while.


Llan de Cubel has a new CD coming out any day now. I can't wait!!! No tour dates at this time though...

Video Release
Llan de Cubel has released a great video for "la Casa Gris" (the Gray House) from their latest album "un Tiempu Meyor" (A Better Time). The video is available, in it's entirety, for viewing online. Of course, you need high speed internet access to successfully view the entire 5 minute video. The video is found at the La Nueva Espana music page. Click on the link for Llan de Cubel. Enjoy!

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