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About Me

About me

Please pardon the mess, this page is woefully neglected, and please pardon the pop-ups, I see no sense in paying for webspace when I can get it for free....
Updated April 7th, 2009

This website is an ever evolving work, which contains information, misinformation, useless information, etc, which share nothing in common other than they are somehow of significance to me! I have lots of interests which include, but are not limited to music of many genres, the performing arts in general, ethnomusicology, world travel (especially northern Spain), nature & conservancy, organic gardening and the academic and non-academic pursuit of knowledge. There is no rhyme or reason to this page. I edit content and then ignore this page for months or years at time. But I refuse to delete content that took many hours to put together.

Anyway, I have no idea why you are here, but since you're here, click around, maybe you'll find something that interests you.

Links to my various pages:
My Virtual Garden:

  • My new Some of my hybrid daylilies
  • Dr. App's DayliliesA couple of pages of gorgeous photos I took at the old Woodside Nursery before he retired.
    Here's a really old archive of plants I grew (mostly)from seed one year:
  • Flower photos for June 2002
  • Flower photos for July 2002
  • Flower photos for August 2002
  • Flower photos for September 2002
  • Flower photos for March 2003
  • Flower photos for April 2003
  • May-September 2003 (in progress....)

    My Gardenweb trading page
    Gardenweb is an outstanding resource for anyone interested in gardening, trading plants, or learning more about how not to kill stuff.

    My Flickr photography page

    My (out of date) Flamenco Page
    Is about flamenco music & dance. There is information and links for beginners as well as my page about Joaquín Cortés. I don't really maintain much info this page anymore, but there is some information that is timeless.

    My Llan de Cubel Page
    is about the band and where they come from and my love affair with the music and land of northern Spain. Includes a discography, links and streaming music.

    My Asturias Page
    It is still incomplete, but it has lots of great links. For more info, see my Virtual tourist pages about Asturias, Spain.

    My Yelp restaurant/business review page

    My Virtual Tourist website
    On this webpage I have compiled info and pictures from many of my trips. The most comprehensive information is about Spain, Paris, Greece and New Jersey.

    My Essays
    This is a hodgepodge of essays I've written on range of topics from
    medicinal use of marijuana, post-partum depression, aesthetics, Bartok, & non-nutritive sweeteners.

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