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Llan de Cubel Discography

Since 1984 Llan de Cubel has produced 5 full albums under FonoAstur:

They have also participated in the following compilations: You can preview several songs and purchase all 5 of Llan de Cubel's albums via Asturshop. While I personally recommend Asturshop, which is a Spanish company, Tayberry Records, and Iona Records also have a few of their albums for sale.

Click below to link directly to preview any of the following songs which are taken from this website.
Muñeira d'Ibias from: Deva
Muñeira'l centru from: Na llende
Marcha del 2 de Mayu from: L'otru llau de la mar
Pasucais/Salton/Marcha from: Llan de Cubel IV

The Llan de Cubel website also has one or more downloads available at any given time.

Marcos' Llan de Cubel Website

  • Marcos' website, which is in Asturian, also has some MP3 samples available to preview. Just click on the MP3 link, then click on an album cover to listen. (It's self explanitory even though the site isn't in English.) The only problem is Marcos's website shuts down when it gets too many hits. But it's reeeeaaally excellent.

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