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Llan de Cubel


Links Related to Llan de Cubel:
Llan de Cubel's OFFICIAL website
  • Multilingual site, offers history of the group, tour information, contact information, etc.

  • The OLD official Llan de Cubel Homepage
  • The original Llan de Cubel website, no longer updated, but does have some different content than the new website, also multilingual.

  • Marcos' Llan de Cubel site
  • Honestly, this is a better website than the official site. Somehow Marcos manages to have more up-to-date tour information than the official site. Also has more MP3s than Llan's site and lots of good links.

  • Article about the band from Dirty Linen

    Folkworld Article

    Bands similar to Llan de Cubel:

    Toli Morilla

    Fonoastur is Llan's record company. They produce many other excellent Asturian folk groups.

    Other links related to Asturian Gaita (Bagpipe) Music:
  • Has links to many asturian folk groups and information. In Asturian, but the links are self-explanitory and many links lead to multilingual sites.

  • Gaita Asturiana
  • Multilingual site, very comprehensive, with everything you wanted to know about Asturain gaita (bagpipe) music. Even includes info on how to play, virtual sheet music, MIDI & MP3. A really awesome site!

  • Listen on-line to music broadcast from Asturias, in the Asturian language. A mix of asturian folk, spanish and american music.

  • Return to Asturnut's Llan de Cubel Homepage

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