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About time i did something to this page, shesh... for those of you who've been here before, try to figure the miniscule change i've made...

Last updated 10/25/2001

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About me.

I'm 24 years old, Puerto Rican, a Brazilian Jiujitsu purple belt (believe me...its an achievement)and a graphic designer/illustrator by trade.

Also, for those of you out there who have ICQ, my NEW ICQ number is..14431458

My Bjj page

my friends and family page

My drawings page

Tournaments, friends, or whatever i decide.

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Don't forget to check out (if you'd like) my Brazilian Jujutsu school's website. If you live in or around the northern New Jersey area and are interested (or curious about) Brazilian Jujutsu, this is an excellent place to learn. You can click on the logo below or just click on the link towards the bottom of the page

Note: All drawings(unless noted)in this page, are made by me.

Links to other pages out there my Bjj school's website.
The Underground forum. Great for news, annoyance and the occasional laugh., For those of you who need another email adress..
Emulation..if you're into it.
ADCC web page. Latest news on NHB, grappling.