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This page is dedicated to those people who have helped me become the person that i am in some way or might not know it but im going to add pictures of every single one of you's...he he..

My parents, Angel & Carmen Negron

---Well, what can i say, they're my parents, they brought me into this world, they feed me, give me shelter you know, the usual things parents do... and im extremely thankful for them...couldn't ask for anything better

Pam (about time i changed her picture)

--My girlfriend Pamela...tons of headaches but i still love her :).

-- Me and my cousin Barbara (hey, its a good picture)b>

---My cousin from Yonkers NY. We're always mailin eachother and we give eachother advice and gossip and stuff.. she doesn't like the fact that i do Brazilian Jujutsu though.."its too dangerous" she says.... She sent me two pictures so instead of deciding i put both of them in..

--Israel and Madona (all happy and smilin..marriage..geezz)

---My cousin and his wife..(the little girl is their daughter..duh) Israel is sillier than i am and likes to watch cartoons on saturday mornings. Loves Spawn and gets upset when he tells someone about Spawn and they don't know what he's talking about.. Maddonna..well, she is always cooking everytime i see her. And her laugh hurts my ears..

--My aunt Eliza ---My aunt Eliza from Puerto Rico. She can't read english but her husband can :) so i guess he'll tell her that i am writing that she forced me to put this picture in my webpage.. She's cool though, she let me stay at her house in Ponce, Puerto Rico and didn't seem to mind that i ate her burritoes :)

--My cousin Maritza (Mari)

She bugged me to put her picture in my webpage so here it is. Mari, sigue estudiando ojala que te guste el retrato tuyo :)

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