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Well, here it is.. i decided to dedicate this page to Brazilian Jujutsu, my favorite martial art.

Brazilian jujutsu info
If you aren't a martial artist or a No-holds-barred fan, you probably haven't heard of Gracie/Brazilian jujutsu. Gracie/Brazilian Jujutsu is a highly effective form of hand to hand combat that relies mostly on armlocks, leglocks, chokes, and ground work to overcome any opposed to other styles that place all emphasis on standup (striking) skills. Striking is taught but to a minimal (if any) extent since the goal of a Bjj stylist is to take the opponent to the ground where he/she(size/sex doesn't matter) can apply his skills to immobilize and eventually dominate the opponent by means of painful locks or chokeholds. These holds are extremely painful when applied with a little pressure and with just a bit of pressure they could break any limb..Chokes render opponent uncoscious and if held long enough can kill. However, nobody here wants to kill anybody and jujtsu is taught as a fighting art and rarely is it taught with self defense purposes(although it is perfect for self defense..most of our mentality focuses towards fighting and not defending). Another fact that makes Brazilian Jujutsu effective is the way that it is practiced. Since Bjj is primarily a grappling art, everything involved in it requires another person for it to be executed, there are no stupid kata (kicking, punching at air) and no impractical moves. (This is why jujtsu, boxing, kick boxing are effective arts..boxers/kickboxers spar with other boxers/kickboxers and get used to getting hit and hitting back.. jujutsu practicioners get the feel and timing necessary to apply a choke or submission out of sparring with another partner.) A goal of Brazilian jujutsu is to use minimal force and strength while fighting, this makes it great for smaller people and women(not being sexist here..i get beaten all the time by a woman..Toni, where are you....) One of the founders of jujutsu, Helio Gracie, who is still alive today, is 85 years old right now.. one of his students describes sparring with him as fighting with a blanket..according to him, he felt no resistance whatsoever and all of a sudden, he couldn't breathe....he was being choked.. Everyone who spars agains him says the same thing. To be like that, is the ultimate goal of every jujutsu practicioner.. Unfortunately (its a good thing actually) Bjj is one of the hardest martial arts to rank earn a black belt takes anywhere from 6-12 years.. the good thing is that at the first earned belt (blue) can already fight effectively(not necessarily beat but to have the tools and knowledge to win) against anyone out in the street.. If anyone would like to test this out, find a Bjj school make a challenge.... Asides from that, jujtsu is also a fun art to practice even if one does not like fighting... the workout is incredible and one's cardio and flexibility improve

To find out about the history of Bjj/Gjj click here

Sport Jujutsu and Vale Tudo Jujutsu.. For those of you who don't know (and there are many) there are two types of Jujutsu being taught nowadays.. sport jujutsu and Vale Tudo jujutsu. Sport jujutsu is just what its name implies.. a sport. Submissions are allowed and during a tournament points are given for certain things (more on that later on) However no strikes are allowed and that is what makes the big difference. Since strikes aren't allowed, one doesn't have to worry about getting hit or getting in a position to hit effectively. Thus, moves and positioning changes. Also, in sport jujutsu your opponent will always be wearing a Gi (uniform) therefore, it is easier for you to control an opponent (and vice versa) and there are more submissions since one is allowed to use the Gi for a submission.

My rendering of a juji-gatame armbar.

In vale tudo(portugese for anything goes) jujutsu strikes are allowed, therefore positons change to meet defensive and offensive demands... Since an opponent is not guaranteed to be wearing a Gi (or anything to hold on to) it becomes more difficult for one to control the opponent (and vice versa) and one has to learn other ways of holding (for example..instead of grabbing the Gi, one grabs the back of the head or the back of an elbow).. pure vale tudo jujutsu is nasty though... i've seen techniques for eye gouging, fishooking (sticking finger in opponents mouth and trying to rip the cheek from the inside), and biting... However, both styles complement each other and are basically the same thing..just that one is geared for sport, and the other one for kicking ass.

.. well. that is all for now.. however i should be updating this page pretty soon maybe i'll add pictures, gifs, more information.. who knows..

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