My Poem & Story Page

In my spare time I like to write poems, so I'm going to put links to my poems & my story that I've written. When ur done reading 'um, just hit the back arrow in the left hand corner of ur web browser to go back ta see my other poems. I hope that u like them.

My poems & stories

"Whenever your sad"

"A Love Poem"

"You piece of shit"

"Whenever I hear his voice/She sees him"

"Whenever I close"

"Whenever I look"

"What I Miss"

"Here you are"

"A Fantasy World"

"When I first saw you"

"What Love Is"

"How can I"

The story that I've written

Now, here's a special section on this pg just for stories that I found in a great book that I read, "Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul II". If u havent' read this book yet, I strongly suggest u should. It has true stories that people have written, & I'm gonna include some of 'um from this book, & the 3rd book of the series. I hope u like the stories.

Kids who are different

Making Sara cry

Tell me why you cry

Seven minutes in heaven

Friends forever

I remember Gil

A call for help

Hero of the 'hood

Dear Girl/Dear Boy

Sea glass

I never though tit would end this way

Sometimes things are never the same

The Gift of Time



Finger Paints and Crayons

11:21 A.M.


The Two Roads

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