Note: This poem is not entitled to anybody. I wrote it because I was pissed off at what my friend's dad did, & how my friend reacted to him. It can be said that the pen is mightier than the sword, & this poem is an example of that. Now, having said that, on with the poem.

You piece of shit
You said that you're gonna kill him
Didn't you realize what you've done to him
All your words, all your fucking abuse
That made him have a low self-esteem
Trying to kill himself nine times
Nine fucking times
And you just let him do that
You piece of shit
You tried to kill him twice
To the point that he passed out
And you just left him there
God only knows how many times you tried this before
You're going to jail
You're going to jail for a long time
But even if you don't, you're still screwed
See, when you die, you're going to Hell
For doing this to my best friend
Because you are one hell
Of a worthless piece of shit