Whenever I close my eyes, I see you
How cute you are, and how handsome too
You are like a rose, flowering in spring
All the bees flock to you, and the magic will begin
But, unlike the rose, you have no thorns
So when people touch you, you will cause them no harm
But when you come in contact with people, they always seem to glow
Because of the sweetness and wonderful qualities that you show
You fill them with happiness and joy
They are so proud to have met such a wonderful boy
But this boy isn't single, nor is he married
He's got a great girlfriend whom he loves so much, and whom he loves to carry
This girlfriend is me, and I love to say
"I love you" to him in all different languages, and he feels the same way
And now, on our 4 month anniversary, let me make clear
That I love you so much, and that I will love you always and forever, my dear

- 9/12/98