Imagine a world where no one fights
no wars are fought
no one gets hurt
no one gets upset
You would think that's a fantasy world
one that doesn't exist, it only does in your head
You're right
In reality someone gets shot all the time
Be it shootings, drive-bys, etc.
In reality everyone gets hurt sometimes
They get hurt by a broken bone
or a broken heart, the ultimate form of hurt
In reality someone gets teased by a bully
whether it be because of their voice, weight, hair, etc.
I believe that this has to stop
All of these wars & what not
We should all learn to get along with one another
Find similarities, not differences
If we can all live in peace, just for one day, it will be so perfect
Everyone will be in harmony
And utopia will be achieved
But, in reality, utopia cannot be achieved
Because it lives in a fantasy world...

- 11/4/98