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Title - D

Damsel in a Dress, by Kevin Schutlz - Betty has a very, very exciting dream!
A Dark and Stormy Night, by Shelly Call - A thunder storm and Hilary's new show has Betty on edge during Halloween.
The Date From Hell, by Adina Bernstein - Jeff decides to start dating other women in order to make Hilary jealous.
The Decision, by Adina Bernstein - Victor and Scott have put Betty on the spot. Will she finally make a decision regarding her relationships with both men?
Decisions, by Megan Eaton - Who will Betty decide to stay...and who will she send to London?
Dreams, by Rita Widmer - Scott and Betty have surprising dreams.
Dueling for Love, by Rita Widmer - Scott and Maple try to prevent Betty and Victor's marriage...but the writer and the manager have a plan of their own.

Last updated September 12th, 2001

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