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Katie McNamara

To Be or Not to Be A Girl Like Maple - Maple decides to tell Congressman Bob about her past.
Christmas Memories - An alternative version of Christmas 1941 at WENN.
Lucky Strike - What happened after Hilary punched Jeff in "You've Met Your Match"?
The Night After - Jeff takes Hilary home after the marathon broadcast in "And If I Die Before I Sleep".
A Special Christmas - Hilary and Jeff's parents visit during Christmas 1941.

Susan L. Minnick

Oh, Would You Look at the Time? - Betty's thoughts about both of her men at the end of "Who's Scott Sherwood?".
Jonathan Arnold - Only thoughts of Betty keeps Victor alive when his "Jonathan Arnold" charade is found out.
The Post - Scott recieves a letter from Betty while in London during World War II.
New Beginnings - Betty and the WENN staff start over after World War II.

Rachel Moninger

A Good Night's Sleep - Hilary helps Jeff sleep...even while he's in London.
Sibling Rivarly - Scott's sister visits WENN and gives him some advice.
Untitled - Scott chats with a sympathetic friend during "Happy Homecomings".
Up All Night - Scott and Betty go out on a date at an all-night restauraunt.
Betty's Clandestine Sweetheart - Betty has a secret admirer!

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