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These fine art tornado drawings were created by well-known American artist Shawn Selders. Some drawings are available in high quality limited edition prints. The originals were drawn in pencil. The prints for sale are museum quality, acid free. Shawn began focusing his work on tornadoes in 1994 after seeing a show about them on The Weather Channel and becoming instantly inspired. He had merely been channel-surfing at the time. The images displayed at this website represent only a small portion of Shawn's tornado art (and overall art) portfolio. Thank you for looking!

  *This artwork is copyrighted by Shawn R. Selders

"Baseball Meets Art" (2007)

Prints Available for $10.00
Free Shipping!

"Two Miles Apart" (2008)

Prints Available for $10.00

"Uplifting Title" (2011)

"Life Is..." (2012)

"Tornadoscape No. 989" (2011)

"Of Oz Cyclonically" (2007)

Prints Available for $10.00
Free Shipping!

"Tornado Scape No. 923" (2011)

"James The Tornado" (2010)

"TornadoScape 961" (2010)

"Multiple Vortices" (1999)

Prints Available for $10.00
Signed & Numbered
Free Shipping!

"Nobody Was Hurt" (2001)

Prints Available for $10.00
Signed & Numbered
Free Shipping!

Nothing Really There

"Nothing Really There"

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  • Please feel free to send E-mail with any comments. Check back often to see new drawings and prints.
    *NOTE: The name Shawn Selders appears on the images only at this website (not on the prints.) The images displayed here represent only a fraction of the quality of the prints for sale.

    Ordering Information
    Checks or money orders or paypal accepted only. Make checks payable to Shawn Selders. The price is $10.00 (Free Shipping!) Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

    Shawn Selders