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CD cover

"Whale Shark Giraffe" (2004)
Shawn Selders-guitar
Jeff Mitchell-piano
Mac Hine-drums
Gerald Johns-bass

"Every Nothing"
Shawn Selders-guitar
Ron D'Argenio-keyboard
Sebastian McBride-drums
Chris York-bass

"No Everything"
Shawn Selders-guitar
Ron D'Argenio-keyboard
Will Michaels-drums
Larry Taylor-bass

"Behind the Dots"
Shawn Selders-guitar
Matthew King-drums
John Hamilton-bass

Listen to the improvisational and composed music of rock jazz guitarist, Shawn Selders. Shawn has been playing for many years and has studied under many great teachers, including Chris Amelar, Harry Leahey, John Scofield, Steve Khan, Pat Bergeson and Adrian Belew, to name just a few. His two CDs feature music from various permutations of this intense band. Both are now available, each for $10. FREE SHIPPING!! Thank you very much for stopping by.

*You can see/hear Shawn play guitar at YouTube as well.

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