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Tornado Scapes
Gallery Page 5

"Wind Outside" 2003

"Graphite Weather" 2005

"Tornadoscape Number 828" 2005

"Cumulonimbus Leviathan" 2005

"During the Storm" 2004

"TornadoScape 961" (2010)

"Thinking Vortices" 2000

"Tornadoscape Number 922" 2004

"Visible Coltrane Solo" (2012)

"City & Girl" (2012)

"Without Jokulhaups" (2012)

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Please feel free to send us E-mail with any comments or questions. Check back often to see new drawings and prints. *NOTE: The name S. R. Selders appears on the images only at this website, not on the prints.

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Prints are $10, FREE SHIPPING. We accept checks or money orders made payable to Shawn Selders. Also paypal. Allow 2 weeks for delivery. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Shawn Richard Selders