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Tornado Scapes
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Drawing Up a Storm

"Drawing Up A Storm"

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"Leo the Tornado" (2009)

Mountainous Tornado

"Mountainous Tornado"

Clear The Way

"Clear The Way"

The Towering Tornado

"The Towering Tornado"

X-ray of an F5

"Green Whirl Stirs"

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Please feel free to send us E-mail with any comments or questions. Check back often to see new drawings and prints. *NOTE: The name S. R. Selders appears on the images only at this website, not on the prints. The images displayed here represent only a fraction of the quality of the prints for sale.

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Prints are $10, FREE SHIPPING. We accept checks or money orders made payable to Shawn Selders. And also paypal. Allow 2 weeks for delivery. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Shawn Richard Selders