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WBZC 88.9 FM

Reggae, Rap, Klezmer, Big Band, Alternative, Doo Wop, Rock, Progressive Rock, and Blues. WBZC won the National Association of College Broadcasters,"Station of the Year" award, in 1995, our rookie year. We were the only station to have ever accomplished this. We are also the only Community College station to have ever won this award. In 1996, our second year on the air, we won the N.A.C.B.s award for #1 in Community Service. Their award for Best Faculty/Staff Advisor went to our former Program/ Operations Manager, Drew Jacobs.

What's Next for 88.9 FM ?


Drew Jacobs has moved on to another college. We wish him the best. We love him, and we miss him.

Roadhouse Radio has left WBZC FM. Stay tuned.... Even though most of the veterans have left,I still have a few good friends doing shows there, so I will leave this page here for the time being, until "someone" has a problem with it. They are leaving in droves. I really feel badly for the folks that stayed at BZC since the new Programs/ Operations Mgr. settled in. It WAS such a nice, almost family atmosphere. That is gone. I can hear it in their voices on the air. No more awards for WBZC. No more LIVE events, to speak of. New equipment is no substitute for enthusiasm.

Our address is Roadhouse Radio, 40 Lily St., Browns Mills, NJ., 08015

Our Fax Number is (609) 893-8105

Roger Beckwith
Roadhouse Radio
40 Lily St.
Browns Mills, NJ 08015

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"The Gagliarchives" (Progressive Rock)
"Sounds of the Carribbean"
"Sunday Morning Klezmer"
"Roadhouse Radio"
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