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Roadhouse Photo Album


Mike P. from The Blue Method, Me, and Big Bob Lovin', after their World Cafe show.

Jammin' at Camp Jam 06.

Good morning Bar Harbor.

Brother Rob, Cousin Jim, and I, in Bar Harbor ME.

Rob, and I, Bar Harbor.

The wife let me bring my flask, and my aura with me that night. Since she was there.

This is cool.

This is too cool.

This belongs to Slim .

Slim's car...MY baby.

Asbury Park skyline from "The Lanes".

Big Daddy Billy Hector.

Just don't be touchin' my butt Rog.

Cooch at Asbury Lanes. Yep. He's a bowler...Gotta be a live band though.

Finally hit bottom

At the END

I'd rather end here than begin

Must have taken this by Accident. Mallory Square Sunset

AHHH.That's more my style. I miss Key West so bad.

GOOD morning Steve

If you want to be a pirate, you have to change your shirt

Me, Dave Cousins and Dave Lambert (Strawbs), and Johnny B..

One of the white deer that likes to hang out in my yard.

Me Skiing at Killington

Graceful looking huh?

The myth, the legend

My buddy Jim & me

Off the beaten track in Vermont

Scary huh?

I'm high

Guys from Connecticut drinkin my Jungle Juice (not really. just posin' with it.)

Grand Master KOK (King Of Killington)

And the Bar Diver

Hangin' with Bob Smith at The Hurricane in Marathon Key drinkin' Espresso Martinis

Me, my brother Rob, and Bob Smith Stoned again

Wish this WAS my Indian

Not mine either

Janet and I, with Billy Hector in our studios

No fake smiles at the ROADHOUSE !!!

My friend Jack, Billy Hector, and me.

Billy lookin' right at home in our studios

More to come. SOON.

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