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The BEST place to go, to kick-start your Saturday night!

Roadhouse Radio is no longer on the air at WBZC FM

After more than 6 years on this station we were made to feel quite unwelcomed there, by the new Progran/Operations Manager

ROADHOUSE RADIO will be back. Either on another frequency, on the internet, or both. We started the show with a mission in mind. To get blues on the air, to get some of the great talent in the area heard on the radio, and to let folks know that there is some great live music to be heard in the area, without having to empty their wallets, and drive to Philly. I think we did a LOT towards that end, but there is still work to be done.

****This page is just here for historical/nostalgic purposes. Roadhouse Radio is not on the air presently. Some people just don't care if the world is a cooler place or not. Someday I might expose how some peoples Hart is not in the right place. When SOME folks say "It's all about the music", they mean, It's all about the music ending up at their house in their personal collection.****


"Roadhouse Radio" is the show that I do, along with my partner, the EXTREMELY lovely and talented, Janet Watts.(Hey, I guess it helps that ONE of us has some talent, and since it's radio it wouldn't have mattered if she was just as ugly as I am, now would it?)

We play Rock n' Blues. We're on every Saturday night, 6-10 PM, on WBZC 88.9 fm, Pemberton. We can be heard in MOST of Southern New Jersey, Philadelphia Pa., and the Jersey Shore, depending on your antenna. We feature the "Roadhouse Report", where we let you know who's playing where, in all the Clubs, Pubs, Taverns, coffeehouses, Speakeasy's, Jukejoints, and of course, Roadhouses, in the Burlington County/South Jersey/ Delaware Valley area. Especially the Blues events.

Me? I'm Roger Beckwith, and I do the show and maintain this website, in a sure to be doomed attempt at making this world a cooler place to hang out.

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