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Slice of a Scalpel

A Tribute to Scully, Forensic Pathologist


"Order an autopsy..." -Scully

Since the Pilot episode Scully has drawn on her medical background to solve X-File cases. Specifically, her background in forensic science and pathology. This has shown what a remarkable woman Scully is: how many FBI Special Agents slice and dice on the side? Slice of a Scalpel is my humble tribute to that side of Scully. I know there are some of us out there who break out into a smile of anticipation when they see Scully appear in scrubs with protective eyewear. Right? Someone? Anyone? Okay, well maybe it is just me...

In any case, this page will eventually contain short summaries of Scully's autopsies. Those performed on camera, of course. For now, though you can relax and feel free to browse through the Autopsy/Forensic Gallery, where I have tried to round up as many pictures as I could that show Scully in her autopsy gear. Also, please take the time to stop and read my thesis on Scully's forensic importance to the X-Files(from which the title of this site was born, and which also earned me a bachelor's degree in Forensic Pathology Studies, at The X-Files University). And let's not forget the links page, where you can surf to other sites of forensic interest and learn more about the real Scullys of the world. Just added is the the Autopsy Quotes page, which lists any quotes of interest(from other characters, or Scully herself) that pertain to Forensic Pathology, Scully. Lastly, there is The Sanctuary, a page for those in need of a little relaxation after battling hopeless anti-forensic Scully 'philes.


My Thesis

The Photo Gallery

Forensic Pathology Links

The Sanctuary

The Autopsy Guide

Autopsy Quotes



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