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Forensic Pathology Links




Ed Uthman's home page

A must see page for anyone interested in forensic pathology!


Autopsy Screenwriter's Guide

Written by Ed Uthman, this is a fabulous detailed guide to an autopsy.


Forensic Pathology Careers FAQ

Very useful if you are interested in entering the field, or just want more info.


Forensic Pathology

Yet another part of Ed's page that I think is a must visit!


Montgomery County Coroner's Office - Dayton, Ohio

This is an excellent page for information on forensic pathology with even more links.


Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine - Forensic Pathology


Michael Burkes Home Page

This is a forensic pathologist under the Institute of Forensic Medicine. A great page by a real life forensic pathologist.


Zeno's Forensic Page

This is a page for forensic medicine, forensic pyschiatry, andscience.


The Virtual Autopsy

Not for the queasy, but interesting nonetheless.


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