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The Sanctuary


Hello. I see you have entered the sanctuary, looking either for guidance or sympathy. Have you just been driven to your last bit of Scullyesque control by other 'philes mockery? Do x-philes' expressions mirror this when you talk of your strange obsession? If so, fear not for you are not alone. Here you will find peace, relaxation, and assurance in knowing that fact. If you choose, you may take a leisurely stroll through the Autopsy Gallery, or find inspiration in the words found herein. In any case, my wish is for you to leave satisfied and proud of your ability to recognize Scully's true talent.


Here's a nice poem by Steph. appreciating Scully in the morgue:

Scully, Scully, shouting loud

In the office morgue you're proud

What insipid dorks or clods

Could burst into your quarantine?



Scully on the job, in all her glory


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