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Tribute to Dogs with Cancer

Good St. Francis, you loved all of God's creatures. To you they were your brothers and sisters. Help us to follow your example of treating every living thing with kindness. St. Francis, patron saint of animals, watch over my pet and keep my companion safe and healthy. Amen.

Click on picture for each dog's story. Please be patient, pictures take a minute to download. The inspiration for this website was my Sweet Natasha.

The Five Huskys Gang

Sweet Natasha
11/26/92 - 02/25/02
Bilateral Thyroid Cancer
Diagnosed February 14, 2000
Fibrosarcoma of the Ribs
Diagnosed 12/17/2001


11/26/92 - 03/31/05
Mast Cell Tumor
Diagnosed September 7, 2001


08/22/1991 - 05/02/2006
Diagnosed March 2002


11/15/1990 - 07/09/2006
Nerve sheath tumor
Diagnosed August 2005

Lovingly submitted by Patty

Susan's Angels


Oral melanoma that spread to her bones
and eventually fractured her hind leg.


Tinker Good Dog

Lymphoma that spread to
his liver and spleen.


April 2000 - July 2008

Such a sweet little soul could never be forgotten, She and I were the perfect match of a person and dog.
There were others before her and will be others after her but none will be the one for me but her.
I miss her more with each passing day.

Angel Paddy

Click on picture to read Paddy's story

Gamekeeper’s Knight Shadow
07/16/96 - 09/28/02
Diagnosed: 08/27/02
We will remember you, always.
Roger & Marie

1994(?) - 10/14/00
Diagnosed April 7, 2000

Barlee's Angels Rescue Network
Lovingly Submitted by Jen

02/01/90 - 03/24/00
Bone Cancer
Lovingly Missed by Judy and Tom and Family

06/25/84 - 03/31/00
Dearly Missed by Mary and Family

12/26/91 - 02/21/00
Kathy's Soulmate

Deeply loved and missed
by Lisa and Jeb
6/17/92 - 10/23/99

Diagnosed March 2000
Went to the Rainbow Bridge August 3, 2001
Lovingly Submitted by Pam

03/01/90 (?) - 08/11/00
Diagnosed 01/04/00
Lovingly Submitted by Charmaine


04/01/91 - 05/15/03
Malignant Neoplasm
Diagnosed 09/11/00
Lovingly Submitted by Charmaine


Page 2 - Sugar Bear, Flirt, Gossip, Callie, Goblin & Ally, Lucee, Ozzy & Spanky

Page 3 - Gretta, Zach, Ari & Krieger & Dooley, Magnum (Jody & John's Golden),
Rimsky, Bo, Jesse (Michele's Siberian Husky)

Page 4 - Kashi & Buddy & Suzy, Sturm & Bubba, Lady & Kahlua (Nancy), Morgan, Dempsey, Sheena

Page 5 - Sep, Max (Rich), Bear, Annie, Dusty (Theresa's Golden), Beamer, Rolo, Maggie, Tucker (Geddes)

Page 6 - Paulette's Angels - Charlie and Robbie and Moby (The inspiration for the Canine Cancer egroups List)and George and Sadie and Alex and BooBoo and Kojiki and Bree and Monroe; Autumn, Reno, Basil, Maija, Gidget, Tasha

Page 7 - Shasta & Mallo & Pippi, Daisy, Daphney, Mattie, Jesse (Missy's collie), Reveille, Ginger (Steve's Shepherd mix)

Page 8 - Ginger (Bonnie's chocolate lab), Thor, Morgy (aka JP Morgan),
Billy Bob, Magnum (Rich & Lisa's Rottie), Dusty (Annette)

Page 9 - Chocolate, Kaido, Apache, Snow and Shelley and Kasey, Lee and Ella, Nicky, Darby, Taylor

Page 10 - Atreia, Dustin, Fuzz and Daisy, Tesla, Diesel and Gemma and Samson (Kathy), Cheers, Samson (Peggy), Tess

Page 11 - Beethoven, Baxter, Oreo, Cheerio, Bullet, Max & Lucy (Reagan)

Page 12 - Zani, Maverick, Sasha, Nestle & Emily & Nora & Bells & Martin, Whitley & Shonni

Page 13 - Stormy & Micki-Su, Bonni Dog, Peanut, Mercedes, Keeta, Skye and Thurman, Sadie

Page 14 - Puppy, Morris, Storm (Diane), Sassy and Cassidee Linn, Lady, Punkin & Steffie

Page 15 - Kenai, Storm, Max, Ebony, Boris, Star (Puppy), Toby

Page 16 - Lucky, Zachary, Nikita, Molly, Denver, Tina, Disney

Page 17 - Noah, Exus, Tucker (Leah), Pillie & Rocko & Mille, Sam

Page 18 - Lacey, Ruby, Fluke and Fiona, Luke, Gabe, Ginger (Donna)

Page 19 - Bear (Jackie), London, Holly, Cooper, Kodi, Martha, Spot

Page 20 - Sheba, Mee-Too, Bandit, Mia, BuddyBoy, Skipper (John), Terra, Maximillian (Marilyn)

Page 21 - Skipper and Bailey(June), Duncan, Bruno, Rodney, Max, Sammy, Winston

Page 22 - Rico, Stormy and Hailey (Mariah), Wulfgar, Spencer (Darlene), Grizz, Blake, Talley-Ho

Page 23 - BarqLee, Casey (Shannon), Niko, Molly, Blair & Casey (Julie), Brandy (Shelly), Maggie

Page 24 - Tiki, Duncan & Cinder (Gail), Yanna, Cleo and Emmy, Orion, Spencer (Ramona), Samson (Erica)

Page 25 - Rosie and Sassy, Ophelia, Samson and Angel (Tristine), Nugget (Teresa), Sparky, Rosie (basset hound)

Page 26 - Cosmo and Nicco, Poncho, Lance, Quinn, Shoob, Sasha, Rockie, Maggie Ann, Edwina's Scout

Page 27 - Nalamina, Bosco, Rohan, George, Harley

Page 28 - Eileen's Casey, Buddy (a.k.a. "BudPo MacLeena")

We Have A Secret

"We have a secret, you and I, that no one else shall know,
for who but I can see you lie each night in the fire's glow?

And who but I can reach my hand before we go to bed
and feel the living warmth of you and touch your silken head?

And only I walk woodland paths and see ahead of me,
your small form racing with the wind, so young again and free.

And only I can see you swim in every brook I pass,
and when I call, no one but I, can see the bending grass."

-Author Unknown-

A special Angel to watch over these brave dogs who are living with cancer
or who have been taken from us because of cancer.

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Created April 17, 2000

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